‘Kiliye Kiliye’ Digital TV goes to Karonga

In a bid to expand the digital terrestrial television network (DTT), the Malawi Digital Broadcast Network Limited (MDBNL) will commission its DTT transmitter in Karonga by the first week of February, 2017. The commissioning of the transmitter is a milestone in the television industry as it will be the first time ever people of Karonga and the surrounding areas will access local television channels. Construction of a transmitter room and offices at Karonga Boma is almost complete and the transmitter will be installed soon.

As the saying goes, “An early bird catches the fattest worm” people who would like to be the first to experience highly quality pictures and more free local television channels can now start buying their ‘Kiliye Kiliye’ digital decoders at Dechagos Investments and Ngamanyanga General Supplies at Karonga Boma; and Khumbo Superatte at Uliwa Trading Centre.

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The Malawi Digital Broadcast Network Limited (MDBNL) is a public entity mandated to provide signal distribution services to all licensed content providers (broadcasters).

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